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Rugged, vegetation-covered mountains form the backdrop to Dominical beach. Mainly a surfer's beach, Dominical has gained popularity with swimmers due to the new lifeguard force. Punta Uvita and Ballena National Park offer great places to swim near a small rural village.


'The Beaches' has a list of beaches and their approximate distance from Kiana Resorts.


Click here to see a map of beaches south of the Resort and in the Ballena Marine National Park.


Beach Safety Advice

   Know the area where you are swimming.

  Ask locally for surf/beach conditions.

  Ask about riptides and undertows before you get in the water.

  If you get caught in a riptide, a strong current that runs parallel to shore, don't try to fight it.

  Swim parallel to shore, toward the breaking rip wave.

  Know safety and rescue procedures.

  Never swim alone.

  Do not swim at night or after drinking alcohol.

  If you don't know how to swim well, stay in very shallow water.

  Do not let children play alone in the water.


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